Your Business Reimagined
Your Virtual Operation provides your business with customized dedicated, virtual support teams. Assistants provide immediate aid to support the most mundane and time consuming tasks that keep owners shackled to their desk.
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Save Time and Money
We will source, screen and form your team so that you don’t have to.
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Recruit Better Talent
Big value. Save on staff cost while increasing your company skill set, customer service & staff loyalty.
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Scale Your Business Fast
With your team of highly skilled professionals, you can now focus on strategies that will enable you to reduce cost, increase productivity, scale your operation and move ahead of the competition.
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Who We Are

About Our Company

Your Virtual Operation (YVO) is redefining outsourcing by helping businesses build a team of assistants to support your business needs. YVO was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic of 2020 after  outsourcing critical details of a home health and home care company.  YVO’s founder realized that these outsourcing companies did not understand the dynamics & nuances of her business and the quality of service provided to her customers was reduced. There was exponential value in building a virtual support team dedicated solely to growing her business. We source skilled talent dedicated to your business to reduce operations costs, elevate quality, improve productivity and position your businesses to grow.  


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What We Do

We make access to our team building platform easy, fast and secure, thus enabling you to quickly put together a support team who will take over all back and front office details of your operation, at a fraction of the cost. Thus enabling you to begin saving money and reclaiming your time.

Specialized assistants

Teams dedicated to completing all the tasks to support your home health or home care business

Recruiting assistant

Source, interview and complete all tasks related to hiring candidates for your business

Administrative assistant

Data entry, account management, process invoices

Sales and marketing assistant

Lead generation, lead qualification, Ad and social media management

Executive assistants

Handling email, answering phones, booking appointments, maintaining comprehensive records

Billing / payroll assistant

Accounting assistants can oversee the billing/payroll processes and maintain financial records

The Process

Our recruiters review hundreds of candidates to find the best.



Your Virtual Operation understands that each business is unique and that your requirements are specific. Using our proprietary business assessment, we will learn about your business needs to find the best talent and match for your VST.

How We Help

Skilled Talent


We source, screen, hire and orientate the assistants so they that they can provide the instant support you need to scale your business.

Top candidates that match your needs, dedicated assistants are college graduates, whom are pre-screened and hand picked for your business specifically, by our expert recruiting staff.

No long-term commitment. We will bill weekly, every Friday, No annual commitments.

Flexible & Fast we will locate your educated assistants based on your specifications within 48 hours.

Reliable Business Support

Build Your Dedicated Team

Frequently asked questions

Your assistant can work in any app, workflow or software you use in your business depending on the tasks you need to be completed.

If your assistant quits or you need a different assistant, we will work quickly to replace them. If you want to change their schedule and adjust how many hours they work per week, tell us and we’ll make the adjustment.

You will not be charged if your assistant needs to take time off including if they get sick or go on vacation.

Yes, we can find you someone with specialized skills, in most cases, within two to four weeks. While rates start at $10/hour, they may increase depending on how specialized the role is.

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