About Angelica

I understand how business operate and how important it is to have a great team within.

I have worked for seven different companies before and my only mission is simple: to provide professional, efficient and personal support for your business remotely.

Job Description

Staffing process using different software ; Stafferlink, When I work, ClearCare, Nova/V1, Shiftwise, Connect, Shifts App

Phone communication using Ring Central, Grasshopper and Go to Phone.

Contacting via phone, sms or email to our contracted facilities to get their projected needs for staff at a given time (daily, weekly, monthly).

Create open needs or send available staff for confirmation.

Contacting via phone, sms or email our pool of active clinicians/healthcare staff to get their availability or to confirm their shifts.

Receives incoming calls for queries/concerns from facilities and clinicians/healthcare staff.

Plotting of schedules of clinicians/caregivers/healthcare staff.

Responsible in filling all the needs of the client.

Maintains a tracking system for availability, needs, confirmation or cancellation of the schedules provided by the facility and the clinician/healthcare staff.

Maintains constant communication and provides excellent customer service to clients and clinicians.

Assist in maintaining personnel files of active clinicians/healthcare staff.

Assist in providing details to clinician/healthcare staff regarding their Payroll and/or benefits information and provide assistance on their online timesheets.

Assist in updating/cleaning up data in client's software