About Charlene

Extremely motivated to constantly develop my skills, and grow professionally. I am confident in my ability to come up with interesting ideas for an unforgettable experience with my previous jobs.

Job Description

To conduct the scheduling. Clear Care serves as our primary tool. Each tab and its purpose are well known to me because I used to use it every day at my prior employment, I am very familiar with what each tab does.

In the event that we need to staff a patient, I typically look up the history of all previous caregivers of the patient and call each one to see if they are available. If none is, my backup plan is to send a text message to all caregivers informing them that we have an open shift that needs to be staffed. First come, first served.

Total calls that I received in a day maximum of 25 calls. Calls that I frequently receive are from people who are trying to manually clock in since they are unable to do so using the application. Additionally, if the caregiver is already in the client’s home, I phone 5 minutes before their scheduled time to check.

There is a tab called Care finder that functions like a map and allows me to find the patient’s closest caregiver. That’s how I know who to call before I send a message to every caregiver.