Frequently Asked Questions

How to use your virtual assistant

Your assistant can work in any app, workflow or software you use in your business depending on the tasks you need to be completed.

If your assistant quits or you need a different assistant, we will work quickly to replace them. As to their schedule YVO specializes in placing Virtual team Members (VTM’s) with companies that have a need for full time employees. We believe that for smaller companies this is the affordable way forward. By utilizing YVO’s skilled labor force, at fraction of traditional cost, small companies can and will grow and expand.

You will not be charged if your assistant needs to take time off including if they get sick or go on vacation. We even provide a temporary option if you so choose. YVO has a compliment of VTM’s that work in our offices and upon request we have dispatched them to cover for absent VTM’s. 

Yes, we can find you someone with specialized skills (Architect, Graphic Designer, CPA etc.)  in most cases, within two to four weeks. While rates start at $10/hour, they may increase depending on how specialized the role is. 

YVO is fully remote and has employees and contractors in the Philippines. We hire top talent who are resourceful, have strong computer skills,, 100% fluent in English, and who have graduated from University.

Our assistants are looking to work remotely. We do not operate a “call center”—we have a screening process for the companies we work with, and we pay our assistants significantly above market rate.

YVO uses a proprietary selection criteria and multi-step process to assess assistants and find the best match for our clients. This process includes an in-depth questionnaire, live interview, and screening call with the potential entrepreneur to ensure users are matched with the right POD team.

As part of its comprehensive vetting process, YVO verifies a user’s desired term length and matches Assistants based on that time frame.

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