About Jean

More than five years as a virtual assistant. 
My experiences were mostly with home health, since more than three years ago. I have worked as a care coordinator and scheduler. For more than 3 years, 
I have used ClearCare as both my ATS and for care staff scheduling. I handle 20 to 30 calls per day.

Job Description

My task is to oversee all activities related to human resources. I process to provide compensation and benefits packages, establish business regulations, keep up-to-date employee data, and provide HR procedures to guarantee a safe working environment. I help accelerate client service referrals and promote talks between interdisciplinary Care Teams (including patient navigators, primary care physicians, and other healthcare professionals).

I conduct intake assessments, needs assessments, treatment planning, and reassessment services. Provide day-to-day support, supervision, and performance reviews for Patient Navigators. Reviews patient cases with Patient Navigator and provides advice, direction, and support as needed. In most cases, I organize Care Staff Schedule.

I organize or lead Patient Navigator training sessions. In most cases, I provide clinical supervision to Patient Navigators. I coordinate with the client along with and Patient Navigator after primary care physician appointments to review and update the care plan. Screen clients for eligibility for direct and support services and refer clients to needed services, such as wound care, companionship, therapy, and other related services.